Children in the New Era

Children in the new era

From Januari 2018 the dutch programm’ kinderen van de nieuwe tijd’, will be Broadcasted in English.

I choose to Broadcast this programm in English so there can be a great sharing of our wisdom and love about this topic in a beautifull and growing network of people who bring more and more beautifull tools in the world so we all can Grow and help each other invest in a creative and encouriging way and share our gifts and expertise with eachother.

This programm will bring not only educational topics to share information in the field of Child Care and personal Growth, like health, well being on all levels, spiritual Growth, consciousness, food, birth, yoga, therapie/ counseling, Arts, education, communication etc.

There will also be an oppurtunity for our beautifull souls of the younger physical age to share their talent, specialities, ideas, creative interactions with eachother and the world through our radio programm.

I am also interrested in organisations that want to share their working field with our listeners and share it in a bigger cirkel and network all over the world.

If you are interrested to co create and sharing in those topics, and you love to share it also on our Radio Channel, you can connect in a mail ,

Looking forward to be in contact
spreading some sunshine in this field and share it in love and joy with others

Be Welcome!!

Claire Bänziger

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