Tommorow wednesday 8 pm we Broadcast special with Tatjana Popov about neo humanism and child education

Tommorow wednesday evening 8 till 10 pm dutch time we will Broadcast a special about education in the new era. We had the change to have a beautiful interview with Tatjana Popov about neo humanism and child education, the role of education, her work as a colourtherapist and aura soma workshops, yoga, linguistics and acoustic roots.

Be Welcome in our special Broadcast

education in the new era

This evening i had a great opportunity to meet Tatjana Popov for an interview about her Work as an color therapist and her work in educational consultancy.
She is Director at an organisation in Switserland called sunshine kids, and brings her workshops and teachings all over the world.
She Worked with all kinds of educational methodologies in the past en she is now a worldwide teacher in creative workshops and classes for teachers trainers and organisations in Neo Humanism education. She also teaches trainers and teachers to work with aura soma ,colors of the mind etc. and she gives yoga classes for children.
I’m very happy to meet her and have the opportunity to share some of the great work she does with listeners of our radio Channel, TVNR.
If you are interessted in this educational topic,
spread the news and be welcome to listen.


The Broadcast will be 22 november at 8 pm till 10 pm Dutch Time and will be in English.

If you want to be in contact with Tatjana, you can contact her at this website

For Courses in the Netherlands and in Belgium you can also contact



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