We are a Internet Radio Station sharing programs and music in the field of consiousness and healing with contributions from a global collaboration and multilingual perspective.

On our stream we share healing music,  New Age,  bhajans, kirtan, mantra and other music that contributes in the field of consiousness.
We also share interviews, lectures and other creative contributions.

awareness- raising programs, interaction with listeners ( live chats during the programs), service providers, collaboration with other global platforms.

TVNR is also present on exhibitions, lectures and festivals.

We are also interessted in creative souls who want to share their international broadcasts with us in a more regular way and also musicians who want to share there work on our Radio platform.

Streaming is possible in consultation.

We broadcast as an Internet & Radio Platform worldwide and therefore want to bring a range of programs in multiple languages.
International meeting and sharing is a beautiful form that has evolved in possibilities thanks to the internet.
In our programming you will find the announcement in which language the broadcasts are broadcast.
Our Radio Station will be hosted from 2018 in Canada and is part of the Sonix network covered by Canadian legislation and the licenses that we use fall from 2018 under SOCAN.
We are a Canadian Radio Station with contributions from a global collaboration and multilingual perspective.




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