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Education in the new era, Tatjana Popov in the program Children in the New Era

This evening, Wednesday evening 8 till 10 pm dutch time we will Broadcast a special about education in the new era. We had the change to have a beautiful interview with Tatjana Popov about neo humanism and child education, the role of education, her work as a colourtherapist and aura soma workshops, yoga, linguistics and acoustic roots.

This Broadcast is a repetition, this month we are sharing a number of already broadcast shows so we can fine-tune with our equipment and technology in our studio’s right away for our next live broadcasts.

You are very welkom to enjoy this special on our new streamplayer

or listen by visiting our websites or chat

want to know already more about Tatjana’s work, also Visit her website:

This Broadcast we be shared from Studio Den Bosch from The Netherlands


Next week we will also share some repetitions and New shows as well:

  • one in Dutch from the program Children in the new era about : pregnancy hypnobirthing and meditation and about the book relaxing in the baby time .
  • we will share a English Broadcast about Yoga and Ahimsa, and why yogi’s should eat Vegan, with an interview that i did with Kriti Sachdeva about her vision and the work of yogific . Ahimsa, non violence is one of the main subjects in her work. This will be the first one in our new program in the line of Yoga and Meditation Broadcasts.
    We will regulary share topics about Yoga and Meditation this year.
  •  In the end of february we start a New serie Broadcasts about permaculture in English as well With Rakesh Rootsman Rak.
  • an other upcomming New show is the Monthly Podcast from Sattva Chandra
  • on Sundays we share in the morning lectures from Ronald Beesley with every week an other topic. This program is broadcasted from 10 am till 11 am Dutch Time.
  •  There will be soon an announcement about The program reconnected spaces. It will be back in a different form next months, it wil be a program with english german or dutch fragments from lectures and books, from Elisabeth Bond, Peter Goldman, Ronald Beesley, Yogananda and others that will give a start theme for the Broadcast.
  •  Chants of life a music program with a musical journey and sometimes guest musicians in the studio or interviews and specials  about music, new albums, Genres etc.
  • Anna Vydia with Dirk & Christa every other week  in Flemish
  • interviews and reviews  of our visits on fairs and festivals
  • lectures and spoken books From Ingrid Nieuwland

We will share also some new shows Next week already:

* One of them is our review from a vegan winter fair held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands this winter, that was organized by the new international institution , before viva las vega’s, Now called ProVeg. The Organization of ProVeg shared in an interview there plans for the up comming years en told us some more about their work in al the flelds of the food industry to make some changes there. We also interviewed some exhibitors of the Vegan Fair. This show is partially Dutch. Therefore we Broadcast it on Monday evening 8 pm Dutch Time.

Mondays will be filled with dutch shows comming year. Wednesday evening al shows will be Broadcast in English.
Other Evenings you can find the program and language on our website and on Facebook in the announcements.

If you are interested to share your own show, podcast, music special or Broadcast program you can mail to

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