Listen in our Archive: English part of our report of Veggieworld 2018

Sunday 25  march we Broadcast the English part of our report of Veggieworld 2018

included a lecture from Tinja Ziener about yoga and Veganism which you can find as a lecture seperately in our archive.

with her i did also an interview and followed one of her yogaclasses ,

as well i talked with Tyn & Inja from , a vegan and yoga surfcamp in France.

We did an interview with Daniela Nowak from vegablum, a compagnie from germany

and Janis Frembergs from Nature Gift Latvia.

Also there will be a fragment of the lecture by Dr. Nandita Shah, of, from India about health is in our hands.

The whole lecture is as wel in our archive seperately.


In this Archive special we replaced the original music  from our live Broadcast with some own made samples and where there is used music, played live for our recording, we have permission from the maker to share this composition and music in this archive special.

We wish you a lott of joy listening to this special.

use the link below:







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