Interview with Kevin James Carroll about his heartsongs and more

Friday there is an amazing heartcircle concert in the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam with Kevin James Carroll with chanting circle, kirtan & heartsongs. Wednesday we have a facebooklive again from the site of heartfire which we also link to our TVNR  sites and Thursday evening we Broadcast the complete interview on the Radio around 7 pm dutch time. This first concert is the start of his worldtour 2018

Listen here the interview in our Archive:

Chanting Heartsongs, Mantra & Kirtan

A powerful way to reconnect to the heart.

When we are in connection with our heart, we naturally reflect its harmony in our emotions, thoughts, words and deeds..
Our heart has its own consciousness and is a doorway to consciousness unobstructed by thoughts and conditioning.

Connected to our heart we find that we are naturally the person that we can spend a lifetime attempting to imitate. We are all the things we call good, without trying or needing to follow outer influences, just simply utilizing the intelligence of our heart.





listen Thursday 7pm on our website with the Listen Live button!!

be welcome and enjoy!


Tickets for this concert are available at heartfire

For the tour dates and more info about the artist


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