Visit our tribe @The Living Village Festival Dalfsen

Monday 18 june TVNR Radio will take our new home in the living Village in Dalfsen. This festival you can visit from wednesday 20 till sunday 24 June.
During this Festival TVNR will present some special items and we will share some workshops during the Living Village Festival for Free or for a little Donation. You can experience new ways of communication, we will bring some creative permaculture tools, Share Music, children in permaculture ethics and tools.

Our partner from Het groeilokaal Tilburg will present their projects.

Taraka Prema, Trainer & owner  from,  will join us from Swiss and will also present her recently recorded cd on the festival, an album with Children in permaculture songs and NH songs for child education. She recorded this album in studio Begijnendijk (be)  this year, in the studio of Dirk van Passel.  Also will she share some of the training tools in some workshop settings with visitors.

We will make different Radio content about Sustainable Living, Community building and eco villages with exhibitors and other participants of the living village tribes in English, which will be broadcast in a montly  living village festival radio program next months. One of our Team members also will make a range of portrets from people. This radio content will be in our Broadcasts as well, soon more about this in the broadcast announcements.

We also make a dutch report.

We hope to meet you soon in Dalfsen.

Enjoy this amazing festival and visit our tribe area and join us in all our activities, workshops, yogaclasses, presentations or just come to exchange idea’s or do an interview about your qualities and working field on our radio channel. you are more then welcome!

In the morning and evening you can join us for Yoga, asana classes, Kirtan and meditation.

You even can ask for a massage.

We are on the kids field, which is an amazing oppurtunity to lett your children join our little creative kids workshops as well.

We as a radio platform have a lott of side activities for renewel of energie and helping you to embrace your talents and see your true Self.
We will share them with you during these days and invite you the join our little experimental tribe at this amazing festival.

See you at the living Village

Welcome to the Living Village festival


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