A little selection of our interviews on Body&Soul 2018 in Mechelen

TVNR Forum at Body & Soul 2018 Mechelen be

with Ludo Lieckens musician, Martine Prenen Author, Sophia Govaerts Author, Isabelle Duchene lifecoach, lutgard Vets kinesist yogateacher and writer, Rita van Audenrode writer and therapist, Emese Mora women yoga teacher and menstruation doula, Peter Ceulemans writer, Cannaerts & Van Cutsem musicians, Agung Sanga founder of Qi-yo and others .We did a lott interviews and will broadcast them in 3 evenings. We also had some special conversations with Vidar Hauga and Barbara Verhoef Ikya practioners and healers who we will visit in their practise soon for an interview about flowing vibrations and Ikya.
If we were not able to speak with you,
Please contact us and we can arrange an other meeting.

We will announce the broadcasts next week on our website.

we will have some dutch and english broadcast evenings.

Gratitude and blessings for all
Keep on spreading the light

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