Anna Vidya, friday August 24, 2018

radioprogram with poetry, spiritual stories and music
presented by :: Dirk Van Passel and Christa Standaert

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Release of “Irgwen – Harp Lady”-song (lyrics : Mahmoud Eid, Composition, production and arrangement : Christa Standaert and Dirk Van Passel).

Although this radioprogram is mainly in the Dutch spoken language, we will also announce this for this occasion in English. We have a special song in this program this friday-evening. The lyrics of this song are from a poem of Mahmoud Eid. We already have been promising it a few months ago and for some reason, we have been waiting a few months before singing it and making it public. Feel free to come and listen to this new Irgwen-song next friday, played with a software-version harp this time. Christa has a real travel harp nowadays. But at the moment we rather use this for a kind of sjamanic soundtravelling-musicsessions. This song is totally different and mainly needed to be arranged by me (Dirk). Of Course, Christa has been singing the song itself with a beautiful, honest and highsensitive voice.

Here comes the poem by Mahmoud – we have our own version for the song itself with a few changes :


Good morrow, good morrow
Come and sing to me
Sweet and sad melody
My dear Harp Lady

Play your chords
Sing more and more
About joy and sorrow

Your harp melodies
Heal my troubled soul
Yes indeed
It is all
Needed remedies

Let me set free
Your sparrow
No more quarrel
In eves or morrow

Play on your strings
Summer time or spring
Under moonlit sky
Wafting leaves
Waving , dancing
Chanting to my ears

No more gushing tears
The world is for us
Now not tomorrow

Oh Harp Lady
The days of sorrow
Are gone
No more cry
Look up into the sky
Play on your chords

Let the sweet sounds
Of a softly serenading harp
Carrasses my ears
In this gently warm
Night breeze

Let me sing and dance
With all my presence
The world is for us
Now not tomorrow

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  • 25/08/2018 om 07:24

    I really enjoy your channel. My husband and I have been doing Keto since January. I am excited to try some of your recipes! I already have my binder ready for new keto favorites.


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