The Biggest Janmashtami Festival on the European continent

TVNR Radio is asked to be present and will interview participants during The Biggest Janmashtami Festival on the European continent


LOTS OF HAPPY PILGRIMS. LOTS of ENTERTAINMENT. It’s a festival celebrating God who gave us the power of Love

Janmashtami is actually short for Shri Krishna Janmastami. Janmastami means birth (janma) on the eighth day (astami) after the full moon.
What is so special about it? Sri Krishna, described by all scriptures as the original source of all incarnations, appeared as a child from Devaki and Vasudeva, some 5000 years ago. This was in Mathura, India. “As stated in the Bhagavad-gita, the Lord says that His appearance, birth, and activities, are all transcendental, and one who understands them factually becomes immediately eligible to be transferred to the spiritual world. “ – Chapter 3: Birth of Lord Krishna, Krishna Book by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Lord Krishna Himself in Bhagavad gita, Chapter 4 text 8 describes the reason of His appearance as follows: paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge To deliver the pious and annihilate the miscreants, as well as to re-establish the principles of religion, I Myself appear millennium after millennium.

Followers of Vedic wisdom see in the form of Krishna, the embodiment of unconditional Love, universal compassion and brotherhood Join us in this magnificent celebration, a festival worthy to please God !!

On this Festival there are many participants and visitors, TVNR platform will also be present with a stand and we will give healingsessions and massage during this festival. Also there will be Kirtan with Ludo Lieckens and friends. Be Welcome Sunday 25 August 2019 on Radhadesh in Durbuy!

more info about the broadcast will follow soon!

Warm Regards , Claire Banziger

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