Soon on TVNR Radio Kerani with her New album Small Treasures

Soon we will broadcast the newest music from Kerani, we will announce the Broadcastdate on the website and TVNR nieuwsgroep facebook page!!

Kerani has just released an album called “Small Treasures”. It is a collection of musical inspirations which found their origin in emotions and experiences that have touched and affected Kerani’s life. Pieces based on ancestry, history, poetry, dreams and fantasy have been moulded into an auditory and visual self-portrait.

Whereas most compositions “Small Treasures” have been newly written, others that had been lying in the drawer for years, were dusted off and (re-)orchestrated. The oldest work dates back to 1982, when the composer was barely a teenager. Kerani’s piano playing, adorned with unpretentious arrangements played by a string quartet, and the appearance of a select number of guest musicians create an intimate yet enchanting atmosphere on this album. Genre: neo-classical.

Note from the composer
The albums that I released between 2011 and 2017, revolved around certain themes, such as frozen landscapes (Arctic Sunrise), female energy (Equilibrium), the wonders of the universe (Stardust), to name a few. For this album, I chose to write music that is closer to myself; music which describes memories and feelings that left an imprint on my heart. Among this collection of small treasures there is a song that I wrote at the age of 14 and which has been orchestrated for the first time after all these years. Working on this piece was like a journey into the past, during which I relived some of my childhood sensations. ‘Where the Heart Belongs’ is a window to my youth.

This song is based on “Fantasy”, a poem by the American lyric poet Sara Teasdale (1884-1933), who is known to evoke moods related to romantic love, the beauty of nature and death. Exquisitely interpreted by Chanele McGuinness, singer-songwriter from Ireland.
‘To the Heavens’ was inspired by a poem of my mother in which she describes the two poplar trees that stood behind our house. I remember how she used to stand on the balcony silently watching the leaves rustle in the wind… . I could fill this booklet with more stories and memories, but I prefer to let my music speak for itself.
‘Small Treasures’ was recorded with a string quartet – all of whom are member of André Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra – supplemented with a very select number of guest musicians, such as Grammy nominated Canadian flautist Ron Korb, Irish singer songwriter Chanele McGuinness and Brazilian soprano coloratura and guitarist Carla Maffioletti.
By featuring some of my favourite poetry and personally painted artwork in the album booklet, I hope to give a piece of myself to those who appreciate my music.

Description of the songs

1. Temple of Roses – featuring Chanele McGuinness
This track was inspired by a poem by the American lyric poet Sara Teasdale who is known to evoke moods related to romantic love, the beauty of nature and death.
The melody came to Kerani immediately after the first reading. She decided that the music had to be subdued and mysterious, with a beautiful female voice that leads the way through the song. Exquisitely interpreted by the talented Chanele McGuinness, singer-songwriter from Ireland.

2. Fields of Hungary
With her Hungarian background, there is no better artist in the world of neo-classical music than Kerani to describe the country of her origin with a deep feeling of nostalgia. The endless fields of grain, sunflower and corn, the tasty food, wine and music, all these delicate flavours and scents and sounds are gathered in this classically arranged piece. Her use of features that are typical of Hungarian (folk)music, combined with the words of Hungary’s most famous poet, Petöfi Sándor, give the listener a real feel of the country.

3. Sakura – featuring Ron Korb
Her love for the Japanese culture and traditions made Kerani create this piece. Inspired by a 700 year old renga (a genre of Japanese poetry) written by Monk Kusai, this song describes the beauty of the cherry blossom, which is known to be the national flower of Japan. Grammy nominated Canadian flautist Ron Korb is featured on Japanese flutes.

4. Fantasy in White
is a light-hearted piano piece with a soft string accompaniment. It is based on a poem by Oscar Wilde in which he described his love for a beautiful woman who is playing the piano absentmindedly. In his fantasy, he compares her to flowers and other scenes in nature.

5. Celtic Mystery
This is a piece for piano and Irish flute describing the rugged beauty of the celtic countries and the spirit of their ancestors. The words (recited by Chanele McGuinness) in this song are an invocation upon the spirit of Ireland by the druid Amairgin Glúingel, as he first set foot in Ireland. The bridge consists of ethereal vocalisations by Davinia Van der Zee, who also cooperated on Stardust.

6. Garden of Dreams
Everyone has a secret garden where they retreat every now and then, in order to find peace and calm and where they can replenish their souls. This dreamy piece, which has certain elements of Debussy, takes the listeners to their garden of dreams.

7. Where the Heart Belongs
Kerani wrote this song in 1982, after having read a book about ancestry. This song was never recorded or orchestrated. The composer however, never forgot its melody.

8. Echo of our Souls – featuring Carla Maffioletti
Two lost souls have been searching for each other for what seems an eternity. When they finally meet, they not only discover how similar they are, but also how much they missed each other, although they had never met before. It’s as if they heard the echo of each other’s souls through space and time. A delicate dialogue between piano and guitar.

Note: ‘Echo of our Souls’ was recorded and released as a single when I was signed on Medwyn Goodall’s label back in 2013. I decided to give it a makeover and release it on ‘Small Treasures’ to celebrate its 5th anniversary. It sounds so much better than the old version!

9. To the Heavens
After the passing of her mother, Kerani came across a small collection of poems that her mother had written many years before. The poem that Kerani chose as a theme for her song describes two huge poplar trees that stood side by side in the garden of her parental house. Her mother used the trees as a metaphor for her own marriage: the closeness with her husband and the strength with which they survived difficult times.
On a musical level, this is the first piano piece that Kerani ever recorded playing ‘rubato’. This free tempo allows the composer to evoke all the feelings described in the poem, i.e. love, pride, perseverance and strength.

10. Reflections of the Heart
In his poem ‘Has my Heart gone to Sleep?’, the Spanish poet Antonio Machado expresses his fear of running out of inspiration, but then decides not to give into foolish thoughts…he must look into his heart and wait for a spark to light his imagination! We can apply this philosophy in our lives: instead of living and acting in fear, we should all open our hearts to life and absorb all the good that it has to offer.
This feel-good composition is an excerpt of Reflections, an initially 27-minute long meditative track that appeared on Kerani’s very first album Wings of Comfort (2011), and which Kerani decided to re-orchestrate for this album.

A word of explanation about the cover

In order to visually enhance my personal story. I chose to bring together some family heirloom on the album cover.  The treasure chest contains a few pieces of jewellery that my mother used to wear, like her wedding band (on the right). Her pearl necklace and mine are symbolically entwined.

In the middle, there’s my great-grandmother’s gold seal ring. The silver Celtic pendant on the left signifies eternity and refers to the Celtic piece on the album. The small painting (by Joshua Reynolds) was a gift that I received for my 5th birthday; it has been hanging in my bedroom in every house that I have lived.  The feather refers to my music writing. Memories on a sheet of music….


Visit for more music samples and information!

Children Permaculture a CIP short Film

Published on Sep 17, 2018
CiP(Children in Permaculture) is an innovative project of international cooperation bringing together educators (from different organisations, educational settings and countries) in order to cross-fertilise, share and synthesise ideas. In this project we have developed, tested, adapted and implemented best practices in engaging children in permaculture through creating various resources which you can see in the resources menu. We are now delivering high quality training and consultancy services across Europe. Learn more @

Broadcast Yogific Festival Brussels 2018

Thursday the 25th of October we Broadcast the report about Brussels  first Yogific Yoga and Vegan festival 2018

We did some Nice interviews on Yogific Festival in Brussel for TVNR Radio about ananda meditationcenter Brussel and different forms of meditation, we did an interview about capoeira , a brazilian martial art and dance combination, we talked about acroyoga, the healthcaresystem in relation to yoga, singing bowls and soundhealing, hatha yoga and more. Also i had the honour to speak with Rach Cox from the UK about her work and festival and we recorded a lecture about Yama & Niyama acording to the philosofie of Shri Shri anandamurti …we also will share beautifull music played by the Govinda bhajan Band .

We will start the Broadcast at 8 PM Dutch Time

You can listen to the Podcastversion of the Broadcast in the link below:

the music we used is with permission from the musicians and live recorded and played during the Festival.


We also made recordings of the Kirtan Workshop by Ludo Lieckens under the guidance of the Govinda Bhajan Band

Govinda Bhajan Band was ook aanwezig op het Yoga en Veggiefestival te Brussel – la tricoterie. Een mooi, vertederend, natuurlijk fragment hieruit.

Geplaatst door Dirk Van Passel op Zondag 9 september 2018



Tuesday 8 PM two Amazing interviews with Monique Wijn, from clips and ecovillages network the Netherlands

We did two Amazing interviews with Monique Wijn, from clips and ecovillages network the Netherlands. We will  broadcast it in one of our radio programs about the living village festival.
The next Broadcast from the living village festival will be upcomming Tuesday the 4th of September With Monique Wijn.

Archive version english interview:


Archief versie Nederlands Interview:



We will Broadcast this special about eco villages network and Clips  because in the end of this week there will be a conference about Ecovillages in the Netherlands.

This Special will tell more about that as well.

We start the Dutch Broadcast at 8 pm  followed with some english items and we will share the English interview with Monique Wijn from Ecovillages Network The Netherlands at 9 pm!!

Both are different, so if you used to multi languages, after part one you can also join our English Broadcast with Monique Wijn! The English part will be longer and about more subjects related to ecovillages network.

In the Dutch Broadcast there will also be a short interview Lotte en Lau did with two visitors of the festival Flora and Olaf who will tell something about there Van and there transitionprocess and the visit to this amazing festival.

And we will share a dutch interview about rocket stoves with lauriano from

and he will tell some things about his personal journey through ecovillages and traveling and working together in an english interview.

and we will share a short english  interview with Surabhi about yoga.



” Monique Wijn is educator and trainer in permaculture and ecovillage tools and methods. Since 2011 she followed trainings and visited ecovillages and permaculture projects around Europe. She is trained in deep sharing – Forum (Tamera, Portugal 2011), Dragon Dreaming and empowered fundraising (John Croft, Hungary 2012), social permaculture, the Heroes Journey (Findhorn 2014), Deep Ecology (Johanna Macy in Sieben Linden 2013), – Sociocracy (Dutch Sociocratic Institute, 2014), Permaculture Teachers Training (Friland, Denmark 2014, Way of Council (Han Delissen 2015) and Deep Democracy (Max and Ellen Schupmann, Amsterdam 2017).

She is co-founder and board member of the Dutch Ecovillage Network, GEN Netherlands (http:/, 2015), where she organises the summer and winter national meeting, the yearly festival and and the 3-4 yearly newsletter. She is international representative of GEN-NL in Europe and Dutch representative and co-coördinator of the CLIPS project, the Erasmus+ partnership in developing trainings for starting communities (CLIPS,, 2015-2017). Since 2015 she has given several CLIPS presentations and workshops, both in Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

Monique works as permaculture designer and educator. She is a graduated biologist, permaculturist and nutritionist (vegan rawfood). Since 2002 she has her own company ‘The Goddess edible landscape’, where she focuses on edible wild plants, perennial vegetables, and seed cultivation and gives regular workshops on these topics. She works as permaculture designer and designed several permaculture gardens and food forests in the north of Netherlands. Her latest design are two ecological off-the-grid hobbit-houses and a yurt-shaped glasshouse, which have been build in 2016 and 2017 in Drenthe, Netherlands. (

As a seed saver she is co-founder and president of the Northern Seeds Network, that organises large Seed&Plant Swop festival, with a website and regular newsletter (

Since 2012 she was part of several international partnerships, the ‘European Permaculture Teachers’ partnership (http://permateachers. eu/nl/, 2012-2014) and the ‘Future of Food’ (, 2013-2015) and

She is very inspired to create a sustainable, fair world, reconnecting with one self, each other and the earth. Learning how to live and co-create together with each other and nature is her mission and passion. ” 

Be welcome!! You can join us in the live broadcast by using the listen live button on our website!



Wednesday New Lecture Ronald Beesley from the meditation series

Wednesday the 5th of September you can join us with our lecture Program on TVNR Radio

We changed the lecture day to the wednesday evenings

This evenings start at 8 pm

Wednesday 9th of September 8 PM

We Broadcast two new lectures from the Meditation series.

These lectures have no title, but we are sure they will inspire you!

Almost Every Wednesday we Broadcast lectures of Ronald p. Beesley

We share the titles of the lectures on our Facebook page.

When there is no lecture, there is no anouncement on facebook.

We Broadcast these lectures 8PM (Dutch Time)

Be Welcome!

Yogific is traveling to Belgium to organize Brussels’ first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival this September

TVNR Radio will visit The Yogific yoga and Vegan Festival in Brussel Next weekend. Be welcome to join us on sunday the 9th of September.

We will be present with a stand and we will make a radio special about this festival in collaboration with Claire Kiirana Banziger, Ada Madhavi Merz and Dirk van Passel. We also will share some music fragments from the music from the Govinda Bhajan Band during the broadcast, but we advise our listeners if possible to come to Brussel  and enjoy this special day live as well.  There are many Yoga Classes and Talks. Kiirtan workshops, Vegan Food and more.

Ludo Lieckens will present a Kirtan Workshop together with Alva. The Govinda Bhajan Band will give a presentation.  And as usual you can join Kriti’s Bollywooddance class as well.

Ada Madhavi Merz will accompany me at the stand of TVNR Radio. She will give a lecture  At 12.30. Recommended to join that one!

” Meet our featured teacher of the day: Ada Madhavi Merz
I am a Raja yoga – and a Tantra meditation teacher. I base my 35 years of practices, knowledge and skills mainly on the profound teachings of the Tantric guru and renaissance man Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, who taught to love all beings, do service, and develop deep devotion to a higher power that infuses the universe with life and dynamism. I draw great inspiration and joy by sharing my experiences and his universal teachings.

Yoga and meditation is therefore more than a profession for me. It is a way of life. The Tantra practices that I have been taught date back to ancient times in India and Tibet. I also teach Kaoshiiki (a yogic dance) and yoga philosophy. What I love doing most is to conduct kirtan and bhajan singing sessions in combination with group meditation.

I am also an early childhood educator and trainer in Neohumanist education and co-directed a holistic childhood centre in Holland. Nowadays, I devote my time to engaging people into leading a healthy and spiritual lifestyle so as to accelerate social change.
Visit the website:  

But there is a lott more, for the full program, follow the facebook event page of Yogific Festival Brussel!


So Feel welcome to join us at this beautifull day in Brussel,

Warm Regards,



Yogific is traveling to Belgium to organize Brussels’ first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival this September. Please join us. We are trying to take our festival to as many countries as possible – spreading the message of true ahimsa (non-violence) via Yoga and veganism


Join Brussels’ first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival at one of Brussels’ most popular venues, La Tricoterie. You can participate in all-day Yoga and meditation sessions, treat your taste buds to some delicious plant-based foods, try henna body art, enjoy relaxing massages, attend talks on subjects of health and well-being (including mental health), and end the day with fun Bollywood dancing.

We are planning to schedule multiple Yoga/meditation sessions at the festival. Yoga and meditation teachers from different countries are coming together to teach at the festival and give you an amazing Yogic experience. Each session will be 45-minutes-long. Doing Yoga and chanting with like-minded Yogis could be a divine experience in itself. Imagine, what positive vibes we will create together!

Each session is priced at only 4 euros (plus booking fee). Yes, you heard that right! In Brussels, you may or may not be able to buy a proper coffee for 4 euros but you can surely buy a ticket to our festival. The 4 euro ticket gives you unlimited access to our stalls area and talks. You can stay for as long or as little as you like. If you want to attend more than one session, you are welcome to do that – you just need to buy more tickets. Everything can be booked online and you will be guaranteed a space in the class of your choice.

Please remember to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the time of your class. The check-in desks will be open all day. For example, if your class is at 2pm, you are welcome to check-in at 10am – we will scan your e-ticket and give you paper ticket against it. You can then and hang out in the stall area, attend talks or just chill until your class starts.

We request you to bring your own mats. If you can’t bring a Yoga mat, you can bring a Yoga towel as the surface is wooden.

Please note that there is no charge to enter the stall area or to participate in talks. All children below the age of 14 years will get free entry to the festival. Children are welcome to attend the Yoga classes with adults. We just request you to not leave your children unattended at any time.

The details of the Yoga/meditation sessions, ticket sales and a full programme can be seen on our website

On-the-door tickets: €5 per session; free for children

This festival celebrates two ideas that are changing the world for better – Yoga and Veganism. We’re organizing such festivals all over the world. Peace, love and compassion for all living beings, go vegan in 2018.

We thank our venue partner, La Tricoterie, for their support and generosity without which this event wouldn’t have been possible. Also, they are coming up with an amazing menu of vegan drinks especially for the festival – both hot and cold. We can assure you that you will love them.

Qi-Yo 200hr Teacher Training Baja California, Mexico | 1 – 24 December 2018


Qi – Yo travel organizes different workshops and retreats en soon the 200 hr teachertraining and retreat in Mexico.

Baja California, Mexico | 1 – 24 December 2018

End your 2018 by giving yourself the nurturing gift of a Multiversal yoga and Qi Gong training on the beautiful second largest peninsula of Baja California in Mexico. 1200 KM of wild and the most beautiful beaches, pristine nature, mystical red deserts capes, deep canyon and remote caves of the ancient Indians. Baja is a leading ecotourism region and offers a great network of projects and likeminded people seeking to create genuine alternatives. Join us for one month on this mystical peninsula to open up for the unlimited possibilities of yourself.

During this retreat period we also share some special interviews and webinars on TVNR Radio and  platform

Soon more info!!


Every workshop or retreat you book
by contacting facebookpage or TVNR Radio gives you acces to a discountcode which will give you 5 % discount on your compleet bookingfee

Special for our listeners, you can contact by mail.

For this specific retreat there is even an 10 % discountvoucher .

In the period of the training we will have some special broadcasts, facebook live sessions with Mexico and webinars about different interesting subjects we want to share with you.

For the discountcode mail to

After receiving the code and sharing your name, you can directly use the code by putting it in the mail to and follow the regular booking method!!

More info

Workshops & retreat



Soon More Info about our new Broadcast program
In 6 Broadcasts you can learn everything about Ikya Meditation, Space Clearing, fasting and Kytose, treatments and Healing and about our vertical conection and the Soul having a human experience. This program will be made in collaboration with Barbara And Vidar from FLOWINGVIBRATIONS.

Want to know more about their work, you can already visit their website or this nice video below!

On our website we will announce soon more about these Broadcasts and the topics and Broadcast dates