The Living Village Festival Series: part 2 about neo humanism, sustainable living, yoga & more with Taraka Prema & Surabhi

During the Festival Season we were at the Living Village Festival in The Netherlands.

The upcomming time we will Broadcast regularly lectures and interviews and music we recorded during this festival about sustainable living.

Topics that will be Broadcast are, an interview and groups talk with the organizers of this amazing concept and festival and about how they use their creativity to build a better world, also they share about how to deal with certain government rules in a independent and creative way with a lott of humor. And what the  vision and goal is in this transformational festival.

Tiny Houses, lectures and group talks about tiny houses and an interview with the tiny house academy

We talked with two amazing architects.  We did two beautiful interviews with two lovely souls about their projects and Journey from the architect and art academy to realizing projects  and creating the real living village and living building city architecture. We shared a great evening talking about architecture. In the interviews they will tell everything about the projects and the living building they are creating in Amsterdam.

We did an Amazing interview with Monique Wijn, from clips and ecovillages network the Netherlands.

We talked with Jouchim Bongers about Aquaponics, the geodome and biological sunpanels.

We talked with several participants and lecturers about a big number of topics like natural parenting, different festivals and retreats, democratic schooling, soul voice healing, rocket stoves, thai yoga massage, permaculture, circus performances, music, art and a lott more.

We will anounce each Broadcast with the themes we share and which dates we will broadcast  during the comming 6 Months.


The second Broadcast, and at the same time the first after our summerstop wil start


Monday 20th of August

time: 20.30 Hr


A Broadcast about Living Village Festival, where i talked with Taraka Prema about al kinds of topics related to sustainable living, neo humanism & Festivals, different international projects, workshops and learningcenters worldwide and during The Living Village she presented her new album What if love made a circle and a number of children workshops.

We also did a short interview with Surabhi about Yoga & Asana classes.

These Interviews will start around 20.30, after the broadcast with Ruben.

We Wish you a joyfull evening!

Be welcome!

You can listen the programs during broadcast time by using the Listen Live Button on our website!

You can listen to the podcastversion  interview with Tatjana Taraka prema Popov now in our archive by following this link:






Interview with Ruben from Laughteryoga at ananda gaorii farm learningcenter and ashram in Denmark.

Monday 20th of August  we had a broadcast and a
A short interview with Ruben  from Laughteryoga.

Now the broadcast can be listened in the Archive in the link below:




We did an interview at ananda gaorii farm learningcenter and ashram overhere in Denmark.

I visited Denmark this year for the proutconvention, a week full of amazing lectures.

During the freetime program i joined for the first time in my life a laughteryoga session.

It was amazing.. laught till there was really water in my ears…. loved it !! And we did a short interview with Ruben Laughter yoga !! A really great person who could tell everything about the benefits of being playfull and laughter yoga qualities for the body and mind and making real fun in life.

Want to know more about the benefits of laughteryoga and how it is related to our Body, join us and listen to our Broadcast!!


This Program will be followed by a Broadcast about Living Village Festival, where i talked with Taraka Prema about al kinds of topics  related to sustainable living, neo humanism & Festivals, projects, workshops and learningcenters worldwide.

and we did a short interview with Surabhi about Yoga & Asana classes

These Interviews will start around 20.30, after the broadcast with Ruben.

We Wish you a joyfull evening!

Be welcome!

You can listen the programs during broadcast time by using the Listen Live Button on our website!






Govinda Bhajan band This Saturnday at Bhaktiyogafestival in Amsterdam during Ratha Yatra

This Saturnday Bhaktiyogafestival @ Damsquare Amsterdam….with many performances and concerts. One of them is the Govinda Bhajan band from Antwerp!

Ratha Yatra Amsterdam will start at Van Hilligaertstraat (near Shell) around 13:00h. The Ratha will arrive at 15:00h at Dam square, where a big festival will be held till 20:00h. Entrance is free, including prasadam.

Be welcome!



Recording  Radhe Radhe Govinda Radhe made  for Govinda Bhajan Band in Antwerpen during  Ratha Yatra & India festival Groenplaats 2018

musicians: Mathias Van den Bosch, Dirk Van Passel, Malati Devi Dasi, Amita Krishna Das , Jita Prana Das, Valerie Verhulst and Ludo Lieckens

recording made by Claire Banziger




Interview met Igor Valster over Oak & Owl Festival 2018

Het Oak & Owl Festival is een groen spiritueel familie workshop festival voor jong en oud.

Vandaag start Oak & Owl festival in Zeewolde.

Onlangs was er een uitzending te beluisteren over dit mooie festival en andere festivals in Nederland komende tijd.

hieronder kun je de archiefversie beluisteren van het interview dat we afnamen met Igor over Oak & Owl festival.




amazing trees 6 2

Dit alles voor, met en door spiritueel geïnteresseerden. Het festival om kennis te maken met sjamanen, druïden, heksen, heidenen, helers en gewoon hele fijne mensen.

De basis van het festival is Natuurreligie & Natuurbeleving met een vleugje authentieke Europese Mystiek.

Van 09 t/m 12 augustus 2018 vind je Oak & Owl op Natuurcamping “De Banken” te Zeewolde.

Yogific – Blending Yoga with Veganism Yogific Festival Comming to Brussel

Yogific aims to develop a community of Vegan Yogis – people who love doing Yoga and living a vegan lifestyle. Yoga goes much beyond just the physical postures – Yoga is a way of life – so is Veganism. Let’s celebrate the two lovely concepts that are changing the world for better. We invite you to join our tribe! You can participate in our Vegan and Yoga festivals, and many other events that we organize across the world.

In sept is Kriti Sachdeva Kolbusz with yogific yoga and Vegan Festival also in Brussel!! ♡♡♡


  • Sunday 9th of September 09:00 tot 18:00
  • La Tricoterie

    158 Rue Théodore Verhaegen, 1060 Sint-Gillis


Join Brussels’ first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival at one of Brussels’ most popular venues, La Tricoterie. You can participate in all-day Yoga and meditation sessions, treat your taste buds to some delicious plant-based foods, try henna body art, enjoy relaxing massages, attend talks on subjects of health and well-being (including mental health), and end the day with fun Bollywood dancing.

We are planning to schedule multiple Yoga/meditation sessions at the festival. Yoga and meditation teachers from different countries are coming together to teach at the festival and give you an amazing Yogic experience. Each session will be 45-minutes-long. Doing Yoga and chanting with like-minded Yogis could be a divine experience in itself. Imagine, what positive vibes we will create together!

Each session is priced at only 4 euros (plus booking fee). Yes, you heard that right! In Brussels, you may or may not be able to buy a proper coffee for 4 euros but you can surely buy a ticket to our festival. The 4 euro ticket gives you unlimited access to our stalls area and talks. You can stay for as long or as little as you like. If you want to attend more than one session, you are welcome to do that – you just need to buy more tickets. Everything can be booked online and you will be guaranteed a space in the class of your choice.

Please remember to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the time of your class. The check-in desks will be open all day. For example, if your class is at 2pm, you are welcome to check-in at 10am – we will scan your e-ticket and give you paper ticket against it. You can then and hang out in the stall area, attend talks or just chill until your class starts.

We request you to bring your own mats. If you can’t bring a Yoga mat, you can bring a Yoga towel as the surface is wooden.

Please note that there is no charge to enter the stall area or to participate in talks. All children below the age of 14 years will get free entry to the festival. Children are welcome to attend the Yoga classes with adults. We just request you to not leave your children unattended at any time.

The details of the Yoga/meditation sessions, ticket sales and a full programme will be announced shortly.

This festival celebrates two ideas that are changing the world for better – Yoga and Veganism. We’re organizing such festivals all over the world. Peace, love and compassion for all living beings, go vegan in 2018.

We thank our venue partner, La Tricoterie, for their support and generosity without which this event wouldn’t have been possible. Also, they are coming up with an amazing menu of vegan drinks especially for the festival – both hot and cold. We can assure you that you will love them.

TVNR Radio will join the Event in Brussel and will make a broadcast about it as well!

If you would like to contribute as a Yoga Teacher or share a Lecture or kirtan session in the Event, contact direct Yogific and send a mail on their page

or send a mail to




Broadcast Interview Agung Sangha About Qi-Yo multiversal Yoga

Tuesday 10 Juli at 8 PM we Broadcast the interview we recorded at Body & Soul 2018  with

Agung Sangha, Founder of the Qi -Yo Multiversal yoga System.

We will Broadcast this Interview Tuesday evening the 10th of juli at 8 pm

A lot of joy listening!!


The Podcastversion of the broadcast you can now listen here:



Agung Sangha is in The Netherlands now in juli to give different workshops, weekendcourses and a retreat.
He also prepares students for the 200 hr teacher training that will follow in Bosnia.

For al the trainingen and retreats From Agung we have a special discount voucher for our listeners.

you can contact by mail te receive the discount code

send a mail to

What is Qi-Yo



Agung Sangha is a yoga and martial arts master. Originally from Bulgaria, he has dedicated his life to the exploration of the self-realization techniques inherent in many spiritual teachings. He was first introduced to yoga at the age of 8 when Swami Dev Murti visited his hometown in Bulgaria. After his introduction, his yoga journey continued with daily sadhana and austerities. His dream was to leave socialist Bulgaria so that he could practice yoga and his spiritual beliefs openly. Karma gave him the opportunity to immigrate to Switzerland in 1984. There, he began studying with Master Selvarajan Yesudian.

In 1986, Agung Sangha opened a kung-fu and yoga school in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and the Anima Mundi Creative Unfoldment Global Arts Laboratory in Zurich. It was at this laboratory that he cultivated the foundation of what would later become the Qi-Yo Multi-Yoga System. On New Year’s Eve 1990, Agung Sangha visited the grave of Nicholas Roerich in the Nagar village, Kullu Valley, India. There, during meditation, he received the message to form a spiritual and creative foundation in Eastern Europe.

All Who Seek Via All Paths was established a few months later in Bulgaria. In the years following, it flourished as the first spiritual center of synthesis in Eastern Europe. The center gathered spiritual seekers and healing artists from across the globe in order to present workshops and performances as well as, conduct lectures on esoteric disciplines. Agung Sangha’s other teacher, Helana Petrovna Blavatsky, provided him with ideas of synthesis that also served as a guiding light for the center in Bulgaria.

In April 1991, All Who Seek Via All Paths organized an international esoteric meeting in the Palace of Culture in Sofia which permanently transformed the spiritual movements of Eastern Europe. At the end of 1991, Agung Sangha received a personal initiation from Master Sri Chinmoy in Malta and was assigned the mission of bringing the Sri Chinmoy movement to Bulgaria, which he did in 1992. In 1994, Agung Sangha also brought Alice Bailey’s Lucis Trust to Bulgaria. Then, in 1995, he conducted research in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. In 1996, his research ended with an initiation in Bali, where Swami received his spiritual name of Agung (holy mountain of fire) and received a blessing to found the system later to be named Qi-Yo..

In 2003, Agung Sangha came to the USA, where he entered into a period of incubation. During this period, he tested and perfected the Qi-Yo method through his daily work with his students. The Qi-Yo Multi-Versal Yoga System finally debuted in 2012 in New York City, at the dawn of the new curve of our planetary evolution.






Speciale uitzending interviews Body & Soul 2018 dinsdag 10 en woensdag 11 juli

Onlangs presenteerde we ism Garsett Larosse op Body & Soul , dag van de levenskunst ons eerste Live Forum.

Het was een groot succes.

In de Zaal Integrale gezondheidszorg waren we aanwezig met een mooi Live Forum podium en versterkt geluid,

waar we Schrijvers, Workshopgevers , standhouders en muzikanten een podium boden hun verhaal en talenten te delen met het publiek.

Vanuit diverse richtingen werd dit warm ontvangen!

Tevens deelden we onze introductie workshop Aura Chakra Healing.

We danken de organisatie van Body & Soul en danken onze lichtfamilie dat we samen dit mooie event mochten vormgeven.

We hebben veel interviews kunnen opnemen gedurende deze zonovergoten dag in Recreatiepark DeNekker.

Toch hebben we niet iedereen kunnen spreken waarmee we op voorhand al contact hadden, en we zullen zeker een vervolg creëren,

waarbij er nieuwe mogelijkheden zijn je verhaal met ons te delen.

Tevens kun je contact met ons opnemen voor interviews op Locatie.

dit kan via

Aanstaande dinsdag 10 en woensdag 11 juli Zenden we alle interviews uit die we in het Nederlands hebben opgenomen.




In deze uitzendingen:

Ludo Lieckens musician, over serving the divine, kiirtan en de kracht van Creativiteit.

Martine Prenen Author, over haar meest recente inspirerende gezondheids Boek Forever Young, haar nieuwste en meest volledige gezondheidsgids !! Check it out om nOg meer te genieten van het leven, minder stress , met gezonde , makkelijke én plantaardige recepten, poepsimpele oefeningen om in shape te blijven en nog heel veel makkelijke tips en truukjes om het leven fijner én gezonder te maken.

Sophia Govaerts Author, met als inspiratie haar verbinding met Hawaï en de connectie met moeder aarde. Op een verrassende wijze weet zij via het woord een wereld te openen die eenieder in het hart bij zich draagt. Levendig en verfrissend neemt ze je mee op ontdekkingsreis.

Isabelle Duchene lifecoach, Over haar kwaliteiten als Life coach en hoe ze mensen vanuit haar ervaringen vanuit hoogsensitiviteit op weg kan helpen.

lutgard Vets kinesist yogateacher and writer, over haar boek: Je hebt jezelf wel gemaakt! Dit boek is een handleiding om je uit het waarnemingsniveau van het slachtofferbewustzijn te helpen stappen en de verantwoordelijkheid voor je creatie bewust in eigen handen te kunnen nemen. Het weerlegt wetenschappelijk de oude overtuiging die ons doet geloven dat alles genetisch bepaald is en dat we slachtoffers zijn van onze genen en leefomstandigheden. Het levert een praktische handleiding die je kan versterken om met jezelf aan de slag te gaan en alzo evenwicht en vrede te vinden. Het beschrijft tevens hoe we in de huidige wereldwijde crisis als mensheid terechtgekomen zijn en hoe we er ook terug uit kunnen geraken als we er samen voor kiezen liefde te laten triomferen.

Rita van Audenrode writer and therapist,Over haar boek, VolHart waar ze slachtoffers van grensoverschrijdend gedrag op weg helpt hun hart weer te openen en de oude pijnen te transformeren. Deze uitgave is niet enkel geschikt als zelfhulp boek, maar zeker ook een wezenlijke bijdrage in het veld van therapeuten die werken met slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik en grensoverschrijdend gedrag alsook geschikt voor iedereen die aan zichzelf wil werken.

Emese Mora women yoga teacher and menstruation doula, Met haar  specialisatie haalt ze alles mbt hormonale veranderingen, menstruatie en overgangsklachten uit de taboesfeer en brengt ze wijsheid en praktische oefeningen op dit gebied speciaal voor vrouwen en jonge meisjes. Dit doet ze door voorlichtingen en het geven van Yoga asana klassen voor specifieke doelgroepen waaronder thema’s als puberteit, zwanger worden, overgang en meer

Peter Ceulemans writer, deelde zijn verhaal over zijn nieuwste boek : De Klauw van de Arend, waarin hij in Romanvorm het verhaal verteld van zijn ontdekkingsreis binnen het sjamanisme. In deze uitzending verteld de schrijver over zijn boek , zijn leven, en de rol die sjamanisme speelde op zijn pad. In een latere uitzending zullen we ook een review delen van zijn boek.

Cannaerts & Van Cutsem musicians, deelden een prachtig dubbelinterview, over de muziek die ze samen in de wereld brengen en de rol die muziek en creativiteit voor hun heeft. Ook hun eigen inspiratiebronnen komen aan de orde en de samenstellingen waarin ze werken, alsook hadden we de eer live te luisteren naar een prachtig lied dat ze live met ons deelde.

De uitzendingen starten beiden om 21.00 uur

We wensen jullie veel luisterplezier!!

Je kunt ze beluisteren via de listen Live Button op onze website!

of via onze rechtstreekse player link

November in the Rai in Amsterdam, Conscious Experience Convention.

TVNR radio will visit this Event and make a report about the lectures and we will do interviews with organisations,
Speakers, exhibitors.
I am looking for a enthousiastic voluntair to assist me during these days to visit and record some lectures for me.
Interview experience is Nice but not needed.
Because of organisational reasons, i have to be sure you can join at two days of the convention for sure and are available to visit a list of lectures in the event.

Warm Regards

Claire Banziger

About the event:

23 till 25 November

Are you ready to live your Potential for 100%?

Something new is happening globally. And we are excited to welcome you! Open your mind for a convention that will give you new insights, inspiring experiences and lots of fun explorations. Bringing world’s leading speakers, teachers and organizations in the fields of

☼ yoga
☼ meditation
☼ healthy food
☼ conscious products
☼ conscious music/dance
☼ and much much more!

We feel it is time for a big leap in consciousness. We live in a world where burnouts, depression and stress are very common. We take this as a sign that change is needed. It’s time to unleash our Potenial! A life where connection and inspiration flows freely.

With more than 7000m2 of floor space there are many areas to explore, like shops, stands, experiences (workshops), art, dance areas, lectures and a business meeting area.

Are you ready for your experience of a lifetime?

TVNR te gast op Lorelei Vrouwenfestival 2018


Onlangs ontmoette ik een aantal lieve wijze vrouwen die weten hoe wezenlijk het is dat we ons veilig voelen tot in de basis. Deze vrouwen organiseren al jaren een sterk programma en festival voor en door vrouwen.

Lorelei festival.

Stel je voor…

Een mooie plek in de natuur, honderden prachtige vrouwen, een rijk gevarieerd workshopaanbod, bontgekleurde verleidelijke marktkramen. Twee danstenten om je uit te leven en een Mysterieveld voor stilte en Zijn.

Een magische wereld waarin je alle facetten van je vrouw-zijn kunt vieren. Drie dagen helemaal voor jou om jezelf op te laden, te genieten, te delen en te ervaren. Even niets te hoeven en vanalles te mogen.

Wees welkom!

Onlangs sprak ik met Margje Beekenkamp , waarmee ik een interview opnam voor TVNR Radio.
Dit interview is dinsdag 17 Juli om 20.00 uur te beluisteren via onze stream. Tevens heeft ze me uitgenodigd een verslag te maken van dit bijzondere festival.
Ik zal van 24 tm 26 augustus aanwezig zijn op het lorelei festival 2018

Nu in ons archief te beluisteren, de podcastversie van ons interview over oa het festival:

Binnenkort meer info op

Deze avond zal niet eindigen na dit interview, na een heerlijk stukje muziek zal deze avond ook een ander bijzonder festival aan de orde komen.  We hebben namelijk onlangs ook een mooi interview opgenomen met Igor Valster over zijn Bijzondere familie festival dat zich met name richt op paganisme, druïden en natuur beleving.

HetOak and Owl Festival for green spirits in Zeewolde

dat plaatsheeft van 9 tm 12 augustus.

We wensen jullie veel luisterplezier!!




A little selection of our interviews on Body&Soul 2018 in Mechelen

TVNR Forum at Body & Soul 2018 Mechelen be

with Ludo Lieckens musician, Martine Prenen Author, Sophia Govaerts Author, Isabelle Duchene lifecoach, lutgard Vets kinesist yogateacher and writer, Rita van Audenrode writer and therapist, Emese Mora women yoga teacher and menstruation doula, Peter Ceulemans writer, Cannaerts & Van Cutsem musicians, Agung Sanga founder of Qi-yo and others .We did a lott interviews and will broadcast them in 3 evenings. We also had some special conversations with Vidar Hauga and Barbara Verhoef Ikya practioners and healers who we will visit in their practise soon for an interview about flowing vibrations and Ikya.
If we were not able to speak with you,
Please contact us and we can arrange an other meeting.

We will announce the broadcasts next week on our website.

we will have some dutch and english broadcast evenings.

Gratitude and blessings for all
Keep on spreading the light