Interview with Ruben from Laughteryoga at ananda gaorii farm learningcenter and ashram in Denmark.

Monday 20th of August  we had a broadcast and a
A short interview with Ruben  from Laughteryoga.

Now the broadcast can be listened in the Archive in the link below:




We did an interview at ananda gaorii farm learningcenter and ashram overhere in Denmark.

I visited Denmark this year for the proutconvention, a week full of amazing lectures.

During the freetime program i joined for the first time in my life a laughteryoga session.

It was amazing.. laught till there was really water in my ears…. loved it !! And we did a short interview with Ruben Laughter yoga !! A really great person who could tell everything about the benefits of being playfull and laughter yoga qualities for the body and mind and making real fun in life.

Want to know more about the benefits of laughteryoga and how it is related to our Body, join us and listen to our Broadcast!!


This Program will be followed by a Broadcast about Living Village Festival, where i talked with Taraka Prema about al kinds of topics  related to sustainable living, neo humanism & Festivals, projects, workshops and learningcenters worldwide.

and we did a short interview with Surabhi about Yoga & Asana classes

These Interviews will start around 20.30, after the broadcast with Ruben.

We Wish you a joyfull evening!

Be welcome!

You can listen the programs during broadcast time by using the Listen Live Button on our website!






Almost Every Wednesday we Broadcast lectures of Ronald p. Beesley

After our Summerstop we start again with our lecture Program

We changed the lecture day to the wednesday evenings


Wednesday 15th  of August 8 PM

We Broadcast the lectures:

The ” I Am”


Respect for all Life


Almost Every Wednesday we Broadcast lectures of Ronald p. Beesley

We share the titles of the lectures on our Facebook page.

When there is no lecture, there is no anouncement on facebook.

We Broadcast these lectures 8PM (Dutch Time)

Be Welcome!

New on our TVNR Radio stream, the album Only Love, from Didi ananda Advaeta.

soon more about this album and the new projects from Didi ananda Advaeta on our website.

The sanskrit mantra” Baba Nam Kevalam” means ” Love is all there is”
Singing this mantra out loud is called kiirtan and prepares your body and mind for meditation.
” By Kiirtan , the mind becomes pure, and with this pure mind, one can do Sadhana”
Mantra and quotations by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


Yogific – Blending Yoga with Veganism Yogific Festival Comming to Brussel

Yogific aims to develop a community of Vegan Yogis – people who love doing Yoga and living a vegan lifestyle. Yoga goes much beyond just the physical postures – Yoga is a way of life – so is Veganism. Let’s celebrate the two lovely concepts that are changing the world for better. We invite you to join our tribe! You can participate in our Vegan and Yoga festivals, and many other events that we organize across the world.

In sept is Kriti Sachdeva Kolbusz with yogific yoga and Vegan Festival also in Brussel!! ♡♡♡


  • Sunday 9th of September 09:00 tot 18:00
  • La Tricoterie

    158 Rue Théodore Verhaegen, 1060 Sint-Gillis


Join Brussels’ first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival at one of Brussels’ most popular venues, La Tricoterie. You can participate in all-day Yoga and meditation sessions, treat your taste buds to some delicious plant-based foods, try henna body art, enjoy relaxing massages, attend talks on subjects of health and well-being (including mental health), and end the day with fun Bollywood dancing.

We are planning to schedule multiple Yoga/meditation sessions at the festival. Yoga and meditation teachers from different countries are coming together to teach at the festival and give you an amazing Yogic experience. Each session will be 45-minutes-long. Doing Yoga and chanting with like-minded Yogis could be a divine experience in itself. Imagine, what positive vibes we will create together!

Each session is priced at only 4 euros (plus booking fee). Yes, you heard that right! In Brussels, you may or may not be able to buy a proper coffee for 4 euros but you can surely buy a ticket to our festival. The 4 euro ticket gives you unlimited access to our stalls area and talks. You can stay for as long or as little as you like. If you want to attend more than one session, you are welcome to do that – you just need to buy more tickets. Everything can be booked online and you will be guaranteed a space in the class of your choice.

Please remember to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the time of your class. The check-in desks will be open all day. For example, if your class is at 2pm, you are welcome to check-in at 10am – we will scan your e-ticket and give you paper ticket against it. You can then and hang out in the stall area, attend talks or just chill until your class starts.

We request you to bring your own mats. If you can’t bring a Yoga mat, you can bring a Yoga towel as the surface is wooden.

Please note that there is no charge to enter the stall area or to participate in talks. All children below the age of 14 years will get free entry to the festival. Children are welcome to attend the Yoga classes with adults. We just request you to not leave your children unattended at any time.

The details of the Yoga/meditation sessions, ticket sales and a full programme will be announced shortly.

This festival celebrates two ideas that are changing the world for better – Yoga and Veganism. We’re organizing such festivals all over the world. Peace, love and compassion for all living beings, go vegan in 2018.

We thank our venue partner, La Tricoterie, for their support and generosity without which this event wouldn’t have been possible. Also, they are coming up with an amazing menu of vegan drinks especially for the festival – both hot and cold. We can assure you that you will love them.

TVNR Radio will join the Event in Brussel and will make a broadcast about it as well!

If you would like to contribute as a Yoga Teacher or share a Lecture or kirtan session in the Event, contact direct Yogific and send a mail on their page

or send a mail to




Anna Vidya, 15 juni “net gemist”

Presentatie : Dirk Van Passel en Christa Standaert

Gedichten en andere creatieve bijdragen van : Annie Bols, Johan Rinsma, Roland Steijns, Itis Berga, Anita An, Marc Jagers, Claire Bänziger, Ingrid Nieuwland, Jacintha Atnic, Martine Bammens, Boomkoning Ruerd.

Tevens dank aan Jan Cannaerts, Patricia Van Cutsem (met band Keruna), Josananda, Deva Gaura Hari Das, Liquid Frame, Kuma Um, Seastock, Nomade72, de Bruno Vriendenkring met Christoph Pesch, Ofri Eliaz, Kachkin, Michael R Martin, Zell, Venry Peace, Paolo Diego, Laurent Danis, Wojchiech Usarzewicz, RAUL GRILLO en Serakina voor de muzikale bijdragen aan dit programma.

Op het einde van dit programma volgt ook weer een live geImproviseerde bijdrage van Christa en mezelf (Irgwen)

Eerstvolgend uitzending van Anna Vidya zal volgen op vrijdag 29 juni 2018 – 20.00. Alle bijdragen daarvoor steeds welkom bij .

Daarna volgt een zomerpauze met tal van andere activiteiten en hopen we ergens eind augustus/begin september weer met hernieuwde krachten en inspiratie verder te kunnen gaan met dit mooie werk. Even een greep uit de huidige activiteiten-agenda al :

- Piano Solo by Dieter Van obberghen - matinée in Hasselt, zondag 18 juni 2018
- Open Healing Yurt Dag, zondag 24 juni, Guldensporenlaan 99 te Houthalen (met eventueel ook improvisatie-optreden van mezelf)
- Zondag 1 juli, Body en Soulfestival in De Nekker in Mechelen. Optreden met Mathias Van Den Bosch (Soul Surfers) en tevens is TVNR-radio ter plaatse live aanwezig aldaar.
- Zondag 7 juli, huiskamerconcert van Paul Vens bij Johan Van De Sande en Gerda Kennis thuis
- 20, 21 en 22 juli Mystical Fantasy Fair te Heeswijk-Dinther (met dank aan Inge Koning voor gratis Fairy Important Person ticketje 🙂 ) 

We wensen je veel naluisterplezier met deze voorlaatste uitzending van Anna Vidya van dit seizoen


Visit our tribe @The Living Village Festival Dalfsen

Monday 18 june TVNR Radio will take our new home in the living Village in Dalfsen. This festival you can visit from wednesday 20 till sunday 24 June.
During this Festival TVNR will present some special items and we will share some workshops during the Living Village Festival for Free or for a little Donation. You can experience new ways of communication, we will bring some creative permaculture tools, Share Music, children in permaculture ethics and tools.

Our partner from Het groeilokaal Tilburg will present their projects.

Taraka Prema, Trainer & owner  from,  will join us from Swiss and will also present her recently recorded cd on the festival, an album with Children in permaculture songs and NH songs for child education. She recorded this album in studio Begijnendijk (be)  this year, in the studio of Dirk van Passel.  Also will she share some of the training tools in some workshop settings with visitors.

We will make different Radio content about Sustainable Living, Community building and eco villages with exhibitors and other participants of the living village tribes in English, which will be broadcast in a montly  living village festival radio program next months. One of our Team members also will make a range of portrets from people. This radio content will be in our Broadcasts as well, soon more about this in the broadcast announcements.

We also make a dutch report.

We hope to meet you soon in Dalfsen.

Enjoy this amazing festival and visit our tribe area and join us in all our activities, workshops, yogaclasses, presentations or just come to exchange idea’s or do an interview about your qualities and working field on our radio channel. you are more then welcome!

In the morning and evening you can join us for Yoga, asana classes, Kirtan and meditation.

You even can ask for a massage.

We are on the kids field, which is an amazing oppurtunity to lett your children join our little creative kids workshops as well.

We as a radio platform have a lott of side activities for renewel of energie and helping you to embrace your talents and see your true Self.
We will share them with you during these days and invite you the join our little experimental tribe at this amazing festival.

See you at the living Village

Welcome to the Living Village festival


Anna Vidya “net gemist” – 2 juni 2018

presentatie : Dirk Van Passel en Christa Standaert

Dank aan alle dichters en muzikanten : Annie Bols, Madeleine Oppelaar, Ingrid Nieuwland, Boomkoning Ruerd, Marc Jagers, Mahmoud Eid, Ita Ganzevles, Roland Steijns, Mathias Van Den Bosch, Jan Canaerts, Patricia Van Cutsem met de band Keruna.

t’Was voor mezelf ook weer een speciale avond, die nog meer dan anders in een meditatieve sfeer verliep alsook in diepe gesprekken met mezelf en de ander. Dank jullie wel voor jullie mooie bijdragen aan dit programma, steeds weer. Aan het einde van  dit programma krijg je ook de harp van Christa al eens een keertje live te horen. Harpmuziek is mooi voor de verbinding met het hart en in dit programma stond dan tevens die harp en die hartsverbinding centraal, net zoals de lieflijke foto met de 2 klaprozen het hierboven zo mooi illustreert.

groetjes en knufs,



Almost Every Sunday we Broadcast lectures of Ronald p. Beesley


Sunday 15th of April10 AM

We Broadcast the lectures:


Mystery Schools and Initiations


Many Journeys of a student


Almost Every Sunday we Broadcast lectures of Ronald p. Beesley

We share the titles of the lectures on our Facebook page.

When there is no lecture, there is no anouncement on facebook.

We Broadcast these lectures 10 am (Dutch Time)

Be Welcome!

Almost Every Sunday we Broadcast lectures of Ronald p. Beesley

Almost Every Sunday we Broadcast lectures of Ronald p. Beesley

We share the titles of the lectures on our Facebook page.

When there is no lecture, there is no anouncement on facebook.

We Broadcast these lectures 10 am (Dutch Time)

Be Welcome!